Goa Yoga Holidays:
Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village
Junos Waddo Mandem Beach, North Goa, India

 Here you can choose from yoga holidays, retreats or drop in on the ongoing classes if you’re in the area. There are 3 different retreats, each with the option for 7, 14 or 21 day stays. the first retreat is Soblime Wellbeing Detox and Rejunvenation retreat with Dr. Shlkha, the second is Yoga and Ayurvedic Detox with Dr. Yamuna, lastly they have Urban Antidote Rejuvenation Retreat with Ashyiana Yoga Therapists. All have a common goal to relieve the pressures of modern day living and restore balance and harmony in the mind and body. From reading the many reviews I have gather the yoga is more for beginners and more geared for westerners who run from things like meditation and pranayama- they offer only a quick meditation at the end of classes and that’s about it. For advanced yogi’s more meditation is required. They run two classes daily one at 8-10 am and serve brunch afterwards and then run another yoga class from 4-6pm and serve dinner at 7pm. There is no lunch offered but there is a restaurant a quick walk from Ashiyana. Also gathering from the reviews, the food is very good but also repetitive, so a long stay might require a couple of meals out at another restaurant. In regards to accommodation they have a full range from budget beach huts with shared bathrooms to luxury spacious suites. In the reviews it has been mentioned that there was alot of noise at night, so bring ear plugs and make sure to choose a hut on the Ashiyana side not the beach side if you’re a light sleeper. Lastly almost all the guests that wrote reviews have remarked on the peace that Ashiyana invokes in it’s guests. The property is beautiful yet convenient and most say it’s a different world

Type of Yoga Offered: basic hatha, with little spirituality or meditation

Child minding available: no

Other Activities (other than yoga): relaxing on the beach, massages

Cost: Ranges from per person per week for shared accommodations in the Beach 350 Euros or 495 at Christmas time up to 1750 euros for private accommodations in the Raj Suite or 2500 euros at Christmas time.

Non Yogi partners welcome: yes

food: vegetarian brunch and dinner buffets included. Meals are repetitive but tastey

dates: ongoing October to May

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