Yoga Retreats Nicaragua:
Aqua Wellness Resort

If you’re looking for peace, quiet, isolation,adventure, a stair climbing workout with a little bit of yoga mixed in this could be your perfect yoga retreats Nicaragua!

Dates: Ongoing

Prices: $175 to $505USD per night.

With a list a mile long of what you can do with your spare time, yoga is just one of many. After reading through all the reviews I definitely would not call this luxury (it’s too bad they are trying to sell it as such) but it can be a wonderful vacation in Nicaragua with yoga classes. Their specialty is creating amazing guided excursions, so take advantage of that if you go. Fish, boating, hiking, kayaking, surfing etc etc you name it they have it.

The food: It seems they've made some improvements in this area lately. Food is described as delicious and fresh although it is NOT included in your stay like many of the retreats in Nicaragua. 

Accommodations: One of the few places you'll find running hot water in Nicaragua! Some of the rooms are tree houses and some are right on the beach. The location is private, even the beach and has all the typical amenities. many of the guest experience is a feeling of being right in the middle of the jungle. Some of the rooms come with a private pool too!

Yoga Retreats Nicaragua Reviews:

2103 Tripadvisor excellence award. It currently sits at 83%, which is not great for a  place that calls itself a luxury resort. It is definitely more of a eco retreat so be prepared.  The views are incredible and the some of the accommodations are tree houses! Sounds and looks so cool! I’m not sure if I would call this a yoga retreat,  rather it’s a eco retreat that has ongoing yoga classes.  Be careful, there are lots of stairs and howler monkeys so if you don't like either of those might not be the best place for you! 

Update fall 2015: Almost all the reviews whether positive or negative stated the rooms were very clean! Massages were wonderful, yet expensive. Note this: Even the really positive reviews said they were over charged or double taxed on a couple of items so please keep that in mind when booking and retreating at this resort. They have hired a new restaurant manager and so far so good! It seems there is definitely a communication problem between what is being charged for what service. But overall the experiences were good and people were 

Their website:

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