Ananda Spa

In two words I'll describe the Ananda Spa as highly luxurious. The views and remote location alone are what draw many people here. High among the mountains, you have a beautiful view of the city below and the breathtaking scenery. Even though it’s remote the Ananda Spa makes access easy and take care of the details for you. All your meals are included in the price and the chefs will bend over backward to make whatever you like. The reviews have all indicated the food and food service is amazing, even if the overall rating was poor. Speaking of poor ratings, it’s generally hard to find poor ratings for this Indian yoga retreat. Ananda is known for it’s spa and unfortunately because it’s so hyped up it left a few guests wanting a little more. It’s spa rating was generally good, but not great. A nice touch is that many spa treatments are included in the price, so there isn’t much to worry about once you arrive. The price is, well, highly luxurious as well but most said it was a good value for what they got out of the experience. The focus here is definitely the spa but there are yoga classes offered with highly skilled instructors. They have Ayurvedic doctors onsite and many treatment options available, although if it isn’t your thing you won’t have to submerse yourself in it. They seem to be a very accommodating bunch of people. If it’s within your budget I recommend you give this one a try.

Type of yoga: not specified

Child minding available: Couldn't really find an answer to this but are families welcome

Other Activities (other than yoga): many, mainly spa treatments and walks

Cost: approx. $350/night, although the prices weren’t advertised and it took some digging to come up with something, so don't quote me on that.

Non Yogi partners welcome: yes

Food: all inclusive, made to order, very highly rated

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Ananda Spa Reviews:

This Spa retreat is sitting at 91% on trip advisor, and similar ratings on other reviews sites.

The positives: The staff are very welcoming, the grounds are beautiful, rooms are clean and modern, the views are incredible and to top it all off the food is superb!

The negatives: In the past they have been known to raise the rates for foreigners, but those reviews are old so a) they don't do that anymore or b) the foreign guests don't know they are paying more. Perhaps a touch of arrogance is present here, as stated in a few different reviews. And one negative came from a solo female traveller, who feels she wasn't retreated with as much importance as other guests.

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