Shambhava Yoga Shoshon Ashram- Yoga Retreats Colorado

The Shambhava Yoga Shoshoni is 40 minutes from Boulder, Colorado and offers teacher training, organized specific retreats and events and also anytime personalized retreats that run Thursday to Sunday. For the anytime retreats you’re looking at a 3pm check in, a 4:30pm Hatha yoga class and a 5:30pm dinner, then a 7pm meditation class with chanting.  The mornings begin at 5:30am with another chant followed by more yoga and meditation classes, along with hikes and relaxation. They have a very full events calendar if you’d rather join up with an existing organized retreat.


Reviews: Tripadvisor ratings sit at 93%. This is called ashrama but it has all the amenities that you’d come to expect from a hotel. Except the calm and peacefulness about the place is not like a hotel at all. The lack of TV’s, cell reception and Wifi add to that too. The socailness of the place is excellent too, they are friendly but give you space. Sambhava can be a little tough to get to in the winter but it’s worth it.

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